Homecoming: A Return To Self.

A transformative weekend immersion into Self, through the guided processes
of movement, sound, circle, ceremony, and deep self exploration.


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SEPT 20-22, 2019
@ Bowen Island, BC


Well designed and incredibly supportive, Jenny and Jade’s ‘Return to Self’ workshop created a safe and expansive environment for me to do important internal inquiry alongside other women.
I knew I had signed up for a few hours of reflection and meditative group practice, but was surprised to find myself acknowledging and joyfully moving through some significant issues.
A transformative moment of 2019.
— Erin, Teacher + Artist
I left the weekend feeling more connected and in love with myself then ever before.
I feel like a part of my soul healed, allowing me to feel whole.
— Hannah S.

it's timE to come home.

In life, we can have experiences that leave us with a resonance of feeling incomplete, like there's an crucial piece missing, preventing us from feeling whole; from feeling at peace. We would like to ask you: What if that piece isn't gone, rather somewhere deep inside of you, waiting to be seen, heard, and loved again? If you had the opportunity to reclaim it, what would that mean for you on your journey?

the Journey

When we think of “Returning to Self”, we imagine an unlearning, a remembrance, a softening... an opening that happens from the deep within, helping us reveal the love that exists in our hearts. It's a simple invitation that tells parts of our Self — the parts we have fallen out of relationship with — that it is safe to come Home.

This offering has been described as "transformational", "authentic and raw", "incredibly healing", and "completely life-changing".

Let us guide you as you find those pieces and truly reclaim your Truth, your Wholeness, your Power, and your Divinity. We will unite with like-minded Sisters, Self, and Spirit, so that we may Remember that it is not a privilege to create the life we feel called to live, and to feel worthy of life's magnificence, it is our birthright.


Join us

Join us, Jenny and Jade, as we embark on a journey of self-reclamation through the practices of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Sister Circle, and Deep Self-Exploration. 

So say YES to your heart and join us as we embark on a weekend-long journey through the practices of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, Sister Circle, and Deep Self-Exploration, at a breathtaking home just outside Vancouver's city limits. Let us take care of you and nourish your body, mind and soul. Our personal chef Rachel Klobchar is the creator of our incredible gourmet menu, and we're telling you:

you won't want to miss this.

Homecoming for me was truly just that: a coming Home. It was deeply transformational, nourishing and could not have been more.. right. I have gained a belief and peace in my healing, a reclaimed sense of wholeness, and a comfort in knowing that beautiful community exists around us if we open up.
PS. Food was bomb. Location was incredible. Vibes were unbeatable.
— Haley P.

what's included?

- All teachings: 2 full days of ceremony, kundalini yoga, sound healing, guided meditation, and supported self-exploration

- 2 nights accommodation at a stunning home just outside of Vancouver, BC
*location disclosed upon registration

- All snacks and meals during the course of the weekend, including a very special 3-course gourmet dinner prepared by our personal in-house chef

- All beverages (including tea, coffee, elixirs, and a glass of wine or kombucha with dinner)

- Personalized gift bags created by Jenn River and Jade Wolfe

- An unconditionally loving space to heal and come home to your Self.


(transportation not included)
*payment plans available


The Homecoming retreat was such a transformational, pivotal choice toward embarking on my own path to healing. The retreat created a space to be vulnerable, and the support to explore the edges of myself. The meditations, yoga, food, and sisterhood provided a safe place to delve deep into myself, rediscover my Self, and invite my pieces back home.
— Elizabeth, Environmental Consultant

Want more information?

Please email hello@jennriver.com with any questions about this incredible offering.

We look forward to having you...

See you in september!