Awareness leads to exploration - exploration leads to healing.
— Jenn River

Hello beautiful, and welcome to my little loved-up nook in the interwebs. I’m Jenny: the woman behind the magic here at Jenn River. 

I am a women’s work facilitator and spiritual alchemist who creates gatherings and sacred ceremonies for those seeking to connect with their true self, with sisterhood, and Spirit.

Through these experiences, I invite you get curious, and deep dive into self-exploration with support, safety, and unconditional love.
We cannot move through pain or trauma unless we transform it’s energy, and we cannot transform it unless we learn from it.
It is my hope and intention to offer a container where you can feel seen, heard, and empowered to find peace and healing on your beautiful, unique journey home to your Self.

Now, these containers take many forms, from soul-fuelled weekend retreats, to unique and immersive workshops in the city, and intimate womens' circles. Although the physical space may change, one thing is certain: when women gather, magic happens. It’s inevitable.

Interested in connecting or collaborating?
Let’s chat.
I look forward to it. 

When women gather, magic happens. It’s inevitable.
— jenn river