welcome to the raw retreat.

Radiant. Alive. Wild.
A weekend of connection: with Self, Sisterhood, and Spirit.


You will embark on a journey of Remembrance
of the worth and wonder within.

Through song, ceremony, and self-exploration, you will be given
permission to seek, to explore, to heal… to fall in love with
your vulnerability, your power, and your Rawest self.

our next offering:

Spring 2019 ~ Dates TBA.



who is the raw womXN ?

The RAW Womxn is radiant, alive, and wild. She is a force of nature, for she knows her worth, and owns her power.
The RAW Womxn is unstoppable, for she recognizes the strength in sisterhood, and the importance of community.
The RAW Womxn is awake, she is ready... And when her heart calls, she answers. 

Radiant. Alive. Wild.

Imagine waking up, gently, on your first morning at RAW to the sound of silence and a view that breaks you open.
Your heart is still tingling from the previous night, and you smile as you recall the feast, the energy, the magic in the air.
You are fed, nourished, you are taken care of, and you look around fondly at the womxn who mere hours before were strangers.

Then it begins - a day of self-exploration, of authentic truth, of seeing and being seen, holding and being held. You will wake up to your wonder, worth, and light within. Your body will stretch and move during our morning yoga on the dock. You will honour this time to slow down. You will feel sun on your skin and swim in fresh lake water. You will watch the ripples behind the canoe as the sun sets behind snow-capped mountains, and be back in time for stories and songs by a fire.

Sound dreamy? Yeah, we thought so. 


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what to expect:

A weekend of pure magic:

Sacred Ceremony
Guided Meditation
Lakeside Yoga
Long-Table Dining
Awakening of Truth
Supported Self-Exploration
Gourmet Plant-Based Meals
1:1 Intuitive Coaching
Sunset Canoeing
Honest Expression
Storytelling Beneath The Stars
Connection to Spirit
And so much more...



We believe in radiance from the inside-out, which is why we’ve designed this experience to nourish not only your Mind, Soul, and Spirit, but also your Body.
Rachel Klobchar, home chef, ceramicist, and budding nutritionist, is the goddess behind our custom plant-based menu. We will tap into the magic of long table dining, and share uncensored stories of our successes and failures with our sisters (and probably a glass of wine… or two).


This weekend is full of sacred ceremony, supported self-exploration, sisterhood, and Spirit. When you open your heart and live your truth, you feel ALIVE, and that power courses through your veins. Let's tap into it.


Strip down to the essence of who you truly are, and uncover your rawest self. Slow down, listen, feel, and dance to the beat of your heart’s calling, to the sound of your natural rhythms, at a lakeside cabin nestled deep in the woods.
Awaken your WILD! Jenny will take you on a journey back Home to your Self, to the wild and untamed woman within us all.



A sacred lake in Paradise Valley, British Columbia, just past Squamish and Brackendale on the Sea to Sky Hwy.


$750 CAD: this includes meals, accommodation, and 2 nights/3 days of bliss.

*transportation not included.

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We look forward to having you...
See you soon!


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